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Learn PostgreSQL, one of the world's most advanced and robust open-source relational database systems. Whether you're a beginner looking to set up your first database, or a seasoned developer aiming to scale and optimize complex data structures, this course has something valuable for you. ✏️ Alexandru Cristian created this course. Watch his Complete Android & Kotlin Development Course: ⭐️ Contents ⭐️ (0:00:00) PostgreSQL Introduction (0:02:03) Windows Installation - PostgreSQL and PgAdmin with Database Setup (0:17:12) SELECT statement (0:27:25) SELECT Challenge (0:31:17) SELECT DISTINCT (0:39:13) SELECT DISTINCT Challenge (0:41:09) COUNT (0:54:03) SELECT WHERE (1:02:13) SELECT WHERE Example (1:11:19) SELECT WHERE Challenge (1:15:01) COUNT (1:27:56) ORDER BY (1:35:21) LIMIT (1:42:05) BETWEEN Statement (1:48:48) IN Statement (1:54:18) LIKE and ILIKE (2:11:00) General Challenge (2:14:28) Aggregate Functions (2:20:02) GROUP BY (2:26:08) GROUP BY example (2:37:17) GROUP BY Challenge (2:38:22) HAVING command (2:48:05) AS Statement

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