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Check out the Ultimate Review Packet for FREE https://www.acdcecon.com/review-packet In this video I cover all the concepts for an introductory microeconomics course and AP course. I go super fast so don't take notes. Focus on the big picture ideas, identfy what you still need to practoce, and go back and watch my Unit Summary videos. If you like my videos please get the Ultimate Review Packet. It is the best way to say thank you. It is awesome and it's only $10. Here is the link: http://www.acdcecon.com/#!review-pack... I cover scarcity, opportunit costs, the PPC, comparative advantage, demand, supply, ceilings, floors, shifts, elasticity, taxes, consumer suprlus, consumer choice, costs of production, perfect competition, monopolies, opligopolies, mono[olistic competition, labor markets and firms, monopsonies, public goods, externalities, and the Lorenz curve. Wow! That's a lot. Get ready. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to Austin for organizing the following: Unit 1 1:00 Basics 1:13 PPC 2:17 Absolute & Comparative Advantage 3:07 Circular Flow Model Unit 2 4:04 Demand & Supply 5:26 Substitutes & Compliments 5:36 Normal & Inferior Goods 5:46 Elasticity 7:35 Consumer & Producer Surplus 7:52 Price Controls, Ceilings & Floors 8:37 Trade 9:08 Taxes 9:56 Maximizing Utility Unit 3 11:03 Production, Inputs & Outputs 11:16 Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns 11:36 Costs of Production 13:00 Economies of Scale 13:37 Perfect Competition 14:25 Profit-Maximizing Rule, MR=MC 15:20 Shut down Rule 16:05 Accounting & Economic Profit 16:30 Short-Run, Long-Run 16:56 Productive & Allocative Efficiency Unit 4 18:02 Monopoly 18:53 Natural Monopoly 20:01 Price Discrimination 20:22 Oligopoly 20:31 Game Theory 20:42 Monopolistic Competition Unit 5 21:51 Derived Demand 22:07 Minimum Wage 22:19 MRP & MRC 22:52 Labor Market 23:30 Monopsony 24:05 Least-Cost Rule Unit 6 25:11 Market Failures 25:27 Public Goods 26:00 Externalities 27:21 Lorenz Curve 27:44 Gini Coefficient 27:53 Types of Taxes

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  • In this video I cover all the concepts for an introductory microeconomics course and AP course
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