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Support my work Hi Everyone, My Name is Abhishek and my channel is focused on delivering Free content on DevOps and Cloud. Follow my channel for practical learning of DevOps and Cloud. Don't miss the FREE DEVOPS, AWS and TERRAFORM PLAYLISTS. GitHub Repo for this Course Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction to Python 27:00 - Strings and Int 01:00:48 - Keywords and Variables 01:48:00 - Functions, Modules and Packages 02:56:34 - Environment variables and Command Line Arguments 03:26:30 - Operators 03:51:26 - Conditional Handling - If, else, If else 04:06:24 - Lists and Tuples 04:46:40 - Loops - For loops and While loops 05:29:00 - Advanced Lists and Tuples concepts using Loops 06:06:00 - Dictionaries and Sets. - Project -1 06:58:20 - File Operations in Python - Project -2 07:20:48 - Boto3 - Project 3 09:09:45 - GitHub JIRA Integration using Python - Project 4

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