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Learn how to use iMovie from this Complete Guide to editing for beginners ****** Editing is one of the crucial steps to making great videos. Check out our Video Production Series to master the recording of your video HERE: This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we'll receive a small commission. Timecodes: 1:13 - Finding and opening iMovie 1:26 - Creating a new (movie) video project 2:03 - How to import footage into iMovie 3:54 - How to start editing your footage 12:12 - How to add Music in iMovie 18:19 - Bonus Audio Tip! 19:26 - How to Add Text in iMovie 24:52 - How to Color Grade Your Video 27:54 How to Stabilize Shaky Footage 30:07 How to Add Transitions 32:40 How to Zoom (Crop) In On Your Video 39:31 How to Add a VoiceOver in iMovie 45:54 How to Use Green Screen in iMovie 52:08 10 Tips and Tricks For Editing 52:25 - Pop Up Picture Effect 55:18 - Slow Motion Speed Ramp 1:00:27 - Adding Green Screen Effects 1:02:19 - Audio Effects 1:04:32 - Seamless Audio Transitions 1:07:24 - Clone Effect 1:11:21 - Adding a Planet to The Sky 1:12:09 - Plane Flying Over Map Effect 1:14:00 - Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Editing 1:16:43 - Create a Time-Lapse 1:17:55 - BEST Export Settings (How to finish your edit) 1:21:05 - Tips For Getting Started With Editing 1:21:39 - How To Get Views & Subscribers on YouTube

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  • Learn how to use iMovie from this Complete Guide to editing for beginners


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