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In this Artificial Intelligence Course 2024, we will cover Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Keras, TensorFlow, and Data Handling with NumPy. Then we will into Neural Networks, Multi-layered Neural Networks, and Artificial Neural Networks. Later, we will also dive into the Introduction to Deep Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and GPU in Deep Learning. Then we will conclude this AI Tutorial For Beginners with Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions This Artificial Intelligence Course suits those who aspire to become AI Engineers ???? Following topics are covered in this Artificial Intelligence Course 2024 00:00:00 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course 00:02:50 - What is Artificial Intelligence 00:06:41 - Why Artificial Intelligence 00:57:34 - Machine Learning Types 01:09:00 - Introduction to Deep Learning 02:51:03 - Benefits of Using Artificial Neural Network 02:56:17 - Deep Learning Frameworks 03:09:21 - Data Handling with NumPy 03:31:33 - Introduction to TensorFlow 05:42:50 - Understanding Epoch 06:11:05 - Introduction to Keras 07:06:11 - Predefined Neural Network Layers 09:09:16 - Problem With a Fully Connected Network 09:19:23 - Convolutional Neural Network 10:42:25 - Rectified Linear Units 11:16:04 - Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions ✅ How can I learn a full Artificial Intelligence Course? For artificial intelligence, you should study: Computer Science: Get fundamentals right. Programming Language: learn Python or Java, for implementing AI algorithms. Mathematics: Especially statistics, probability, and calculus. Machine Learning: Understanding how machines learn from data is critical. ✅Is the Artificial Intelligence Course worth learning in 2024? The increasing demand for AI professionals, the potential for career growth, and the problem-solving capabilities it offers make AI a valuable skill set to acquire ➡️ About the Course The artificial intelligence course is in collaboration with IITM Pravartak. This AI course helps you master AI and machine learning (ML) skills like data science, CNN, perceptron, TensorFlow, neural networks, NLP, etc. via hands-on projects. Learn AI from the IIT Madras faculty. Enroll now in the AI online course certification to become a certified artificial intelligence engineer. ➡️Who should take this Artificial Intelligence Course? Professionals working in analytics, data science, e-commerce, search engines, etc. Software professionals and new graduates seeking a career change ✅ Key Features - (Course Features) ????????50+ Live sessions across 7 months ????????218 Hrs Self-paced Videos ????????200 Hrs Project & Exercises ????????Learn from IIT Madras Faculty and Industry Practitioners ????????1:1 with Industry Mentors ????????Resume Preparation and LinkedIn Profile Review ????????24*7 Support ????????No-cost EMI Option ➡️ What’s Covered in This Program? - ✅ Preparatory Session - Linux and Python ✅Data Wrangling with SQL ✅Python With Data Science ✅Linear Algebra and Advanced Statistics ✅Machine Learning ✅Supervised and Unsupervised Learning in ML ✅Performance Metrics ✅Deep Learning Using TensorFlow ✅Data Science Capstone Project ✅Business Case Studies

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  • This Artificial Intelligence Course 2024 covers all the important skill sets required to get you an AI Engineer!


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